Extend Your Reach

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An illustration of a little boy using a reach extender to reach into a cookie jar

Everyone had gone to bed but I was still up watching a movie. Suddenly, my 18-year-old brother came in the door, looking a little haggard. He lay down on the couch and fell asleep. Then without warning, he leaned over and threw up on the living room rug. Once again, … Read More

Wise Iranians Still Seek Him

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A birds-eye-view of hands holding a latte

We sat in a falafel restaurant with a group of people after a discipleship training evening. A group of Iranian men sat at the table beside us, and a boy under the age of ten was with them. This boy had a mask, as it was Halloween evening, and he … Read More

Setting the Oppressed Free

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A man stands in front of a crowd at a mic.

Jesus says, “He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free” (Luke 4:18). These truths have become reality for many Guineans this past year. Jesus is doing some amazing things in the hearts of pastors, denominational leaders, … Read More

Sunrise Service

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The sun rises over a city.

It was dark when we walked up the cobblestone paths and climbed the flights of stairs to arrive at a place that overlooked the German city—the destination where we hosted our sunrise service on Easter morning. It was a beautiful experience to sing, share communion, and read the Bible with … Read More

The Face of Jesus

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A mosaic face of Jesus

I met her in an airport lineup. Farah was a grieving young widow, a university art instructor, whose husband had passed away unexpectedly 5 months earlier when they were travelling to her North African country of origin for a visit. She was returning to his country in the Mideast, to … Read More

Thank You Alliance Family

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A man is smiling at the camera, the words "You've made a difference" are over the picture.

Thank you for your faithful giving to the Alliance. It is thanks to your faithful giving that we are able to send and support international workers to provide people with access to Jesus. Recent world events have been heartbreaking for the refugee families that are flooding into different areas from … Read More

Reconciliation is Not Always Pretty

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An old man sits hunched over on a coach.

My father was a man of few words, yet many sayings. When it came to reaching out to others, he often said, “Charity begins at home.” He was not a man on a mission to change himself—let alone the rest of the world—and he certainly was not a man who … Read More

Instagram is “Predator’s Paradise”

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A cellphone is sitting on a table, it is open to the Instagram app.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Users of all ages can be found scrolling through pictures, posting comments, and sending direct messages. Due to the popularity, easy accessibility, and opportunity for anonymity Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among sex traffickers and … Read More

The Righteous Road

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A taxi drives along the road.

Debs and I miss the entrance to our friend Maria’s house, so, we hop out of the taxi and backtrack on foot. I suspiciously step around any wet patches since we noticed on our drive by that a sewage pipe had burst. Concentrating on my feet, I almost bump right … Read More

Unburden Your Soul

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A black and white photo of people sitting in chairs, facing a stage, at a church.

Every now and then, God brings something into my life that I consider a game changer, something so meaningful that it rocks my world, for the better, and sends me down a path I would never have considered before. For me, soul care has been a game changer. I first … Read More