Disaster Relief

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In May 2018, Grand Forks, British Columbia was submerged by catastrophic flooding, forcing almost 2,800 people to evacuate their homes. This natural disaster resulted in churches across many denominations springing into action to bring relief to the people that were affected by the waters. Mike and Sheila Davis, members at … Read More

Brewing Community

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A group of people are sitting in chairs facing people leading worship.

The prosperous suburbs on the north shore of Vancouver Harbour were not immune to the Global Financial Crisis. This became evident in the closing months of 2008 as I began to see more homeless people bustling on North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Avenue. North Shore Alliance Church (NSAC), where I had worked … Read More

Learning to See Mystery

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You have probably seen one. It is called an autostereogram. It is an image that, at first glance, is impossible to see. What looks like a random pattern of colours slowly becomes clear if one stops to focus with expectation. Christopher Tyler, the pioneer of this way of seeing, discovered … Read More

Developing a Discerning Heart

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A journal is open to a blank page, and a pencil is resting on it

When I was originally assigned to the Island, I was asked to be an advisor for leadership development. But I quickly became aware of a need among women on the Island, particularly first generation Christians who are dealing with trauma from their past. Some of these women were married to … Read More

Why Bother?

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A bottle of pills spilled out on a blue background

We were sitting in the simple office that we use for meetings. Each of the chairs brings back memories. This is where we usually sit and talk to young men and women who come desperately needing help. Distressed, unable to even look us in the eye. At the end of … Read More

Post-Earthquake Anxiety

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A crack in the cement.

We experienced a devastating earthquake in Mexico City on September 19, 2017. I was in our 6th floor apartment when it happened at 1:14 p.m. It felt like the apartment was twisting and swaying all at once and the creaking and smashing sounds were all I could perceive as I … Read More

Learning to Give Jesus the Floor

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A black room with a spotlight shining on a chair.

In a surprising turn of events, I did not end up preaching on Easter Sunday a few years ago. Jesus had a different plan. Despite my efforts to prepare well for this pinnacle event in the life of the church, I was struggling with what direction to take the Easter … Read More

It’s Messy

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A sun sets behind a roller coaster, making the roller coaster a silhoutte

As an IW on home assignment, this year is all about having an opportunity to share stories in local churches, during Sunday gatherings, small groups, and over coffee. Whether or not it is actually the case, I feel this gnawing pressure to offer Instagram-perfect soundbites. Let’s be honest, conversion stories … Read More

Spotting Jesus in the Old Testament

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A digital illustration of a burning bush.

Tabernacle, Passover, sacrifice, atonement, scapegoat…even in English these words are daunting, but the Lord had set before me the job of explaining them to my students—in Thai. To add to it, somehow, I needed to make these Old Testament stories and laws relevant to the lives of a group of … Read More

Unplanned Divine Appointments

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A teenage Huichol boy sits on a chair playing a small stringer instruments. An older Huichol man sits on a chair playing a small stringer instrument.

Every time we visit the remote village of our Huichol friends, God always seems to have a divine appointment for us—someone He wants us to connect with. And just as we were leaving, we got to meet Paola. We had a plan to head back to Mexico City, however, there … Read More