Boston Pizza Decides to “Choose Change”

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Defend Dignity, through the Choose Change campaign, had a big win this spring with Boston Pizza (BP). Vicki Waschowski, a senior executive of BP, agreed that pornography is harmful, and is easy to stumble onto through unfiltered Wi-Fi. In response to a Choose Change request, she indicated that BP would … Read More

Fervent, Intentional Prayer

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It started with fervent, intentional prayer. Prayer for Ambrose OnSite interns, Matt and Marie Klassen. Prayer walk in preparation for a prayer team coming from Ontario. This prayer team lifted up each one of the international workers on the ground. Prayer groups and a prayer network developed as a result, … Read More

Lead Us to the Harvest

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For the last couple of years, the Lord has been bringing Winnipeg before us through various directions. “Grow, glow, and go” is the mission statement of Calgary Punjabi Church. Local outreach and missions are part of our DNA. As time went by, our hearts toward Winnipeg grew stronger. Our leadership … Read More

An Adventure with Jesus

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As long as I can remember, adventure called my name. Not in an extreme sports kind of way, but this intangible pull to try new things, to see new places, and to learn more about how God made me and who He has called me to be. While I couldn’t … Read More

A Community of Scribes

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“Did you give him the cheat notes?” I joked as my husband and I left the second Bible study with our Muslim friend, Vent, and his wife. We looked at each other in amazement. It felt like we were on holy ground as we watched the power of the sword … Read More

Christmas: Finding Light in the Darkness

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Christmas. What’s the first thing that comes to mind about Christmas for you? Is it the peaceful nativity scene of baby Jesus? Is it the joyful carols that we sing? What about the many feasts that we’ll be eating during this time? Or is it the season of giving and … Read More

But With You Here, I Feel Like I’m Seeing My Son

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Recent news headlines have indicated more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees escaped persecution and violence in Myanmar to Bangladesh refugee camps. But with the increasing number of refugees in these makeshift shelters, families now face hunger and disease. For the last five years, Bob and Karin have been working with Rohingya communities in … Read More