The Wounded Leader

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Ivan resonated with the message given by our Canadian Seamless Link church pastor. The pastor had come with one of his board members to provide leadership and soul care training for our Caribbean Island national leaders of an Alliance house church movement. Ivan is a local church pastor who also … Read More

Churches Get Creative During COVID-19

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Side profile of a man using Facetime on his phone

Churches thrive on fellowship. It’s one of the things that we do best. Every week we meet; in youth groups, small groups, coffee breaks, children’s programs, and more. So what happens when churches need to close their doors? How can we find ways to truly be the Church when in-person … Read More

Jesus is the Gospel

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A man is holding a pair of glasses towards the camera. The picture is blurry.

We have all heard the critique, “He cannot see the forest for the trees!” It is not that trees are bad; in fact, they can be beautiful. It is just that if someone’s view is too narrow, they may miss either what they ought to see or, at least, miss … Read More

Launching a Generation of Missional Innovators

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A group photo of the participants from Envision Summit 2019 are standing at the front of a church smiling at the camera.

Imagine 80 diverse young adults from across Canada, coming together in Montreal for a one-week leadership gathering, all wondering the same thing: “How can God use me for His Kingdom? How can I be on mission for Him?” The annual Envision Summit is a unique space that provides leadership development … Read More

God’s Work in the Mundane

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Pencil crayons are lined up at the bottom of the picture, facing up.

The weekly routine of children’s ministry can be very demanding. It involves many behind the scenes tasks to be completed every week to ensure Sunday mornings run smoothly and effectively, for the children and volunteers. This work can be mundane and feel superfluous, seeming to have no real “Kingdom value.” … Read More

Education is Key

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A women on her phone.

Human trafficking and prostitution, two crises for Canadian society, are unquestionably connected. Defend Dignity is co-hosting an event on Parliament Hill on March 10 to help our MPs and Senators understand these crises and to demonstrate the value of keeping the current prostitution legislation in place. Education is key in … Read More

Jesus Only in a Post-Christian World?

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Jesus only is our message, Jesus all our theme shall be, We will lift up Jesus ever,  Jesus only will we see.1   There is a good chance that it has been a long time since you sang these words in a worship service at your local Alliance church. They are … Read More

Take Heart

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A ram

It was 4:00 p.m. in the middle of Ramadan, the month-long fast of our Muslim friends, and the town was quiet because most families were at home. My nursing friend, Faith*, had invited me to her house for Iftar—the breaking of the fast. Faith and I both fasted that day … Read More

Is Our Gospel Too Small?

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An illustration of people gardening in a dark landscape. Everywhere they've been there are plants.

Church leaders at a conference in an East African nation were discussing the fact that, while approximately 80% of their population claim to be Christian, their country is still rife with issues: corruption at multiple levels, tribal conflicts, domestic abuse, extreme poverty, gender inequality, garbage strewn everywhere, environmental degradation, HIV/AIDS, … Read More