Comfort in Friendship

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A side profile of a truck on a dirt road

I got a text one Saturday night from the leader of the dorm saying, “Ravy’s mom died today.” Ravy is one of the young people at the Student Residence & Discipling Centre (SR&DC). Her mother had previously suffered a stroke but had been living at home. Although night travel is … Read More

Love Always Trusts

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Two smiling girls hold up their fingers that have blue paint on them.

Right before sharing time, she crossed the room, took off her hijab, and tied it around another girl’s head. “It’s so warm in here,” her friend commented. The theme of the day was “Love always trusts.” Yes, we were all growing in relational trust. The next thing I knew, I … Read More

“So, What Do You Do?”

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baked goods displayed at a bakery

“So, what do you do?” Sometimes I dread this question. It’s a simple answer and sometimes it’s an immediate end to conversation. I stare into the young faces of an Iranian couple, both medical students, who joined us for brunch at Missional Community one morning. She is a co-worker of … Read More

Chaos into Order

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Stacked Boxes

It had been one week since we had landed. We were thankful for the warm welcome from those on the ground and we were enjoying the sights and sounds of our new home. Our first week was spent running errands to acquire the basics for our home, finding an apartment … Read More


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A person is sitting on a coach with a laptop on their lap and a work bag beside them.

“My staff see me as a pit-bull because of my past actions. I want that to change. I want my leadership to be viewed differently.” These were the words of my newest client, a managing director for a large organization that has been facing real challenges both internally and externally. … Read More

Facebook Ministry

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An overhead shot of a phone and laptop. The cellphone is open to Facebok

“All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it (1 Corinthians 12:27). As the body of Christ, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One way we are fulfilling this calling is through supporting international workers in the Sand … Read More

Motel Missions

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A sign that reads "MOTEL" with an arrow hanging down.

The homeless and working poor often live in motels during times of transitions. Circumstances and duration in a motel may vary, but the need for acceptance, friendship, hope, interaction, and understanding is common among this population. For nearly two decades John Russell has been serving among homeless and low-income individuals. … Read More