What does “Marketplace” mean?

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“Words create worlds.”   I unpack this phrase every time I facilitate a group because during a discussion it will become evident that what one person assumes about a word, is not the same as another. A person’s history and experience will colour their perception of a word or concept and alter the meaning.   Let’s unpack this word Marketplace. The Alliance is using this word to describe an added … Read More

The Marketplace – Fuel for Limitless Sending 

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This article is by Larry McCrary, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Upstream Collective and was originally published on their blog.   Although this article specifically references “business people”, we encourage you to read this in context of any professional who obtains a job with an employer overseas.  Harv Matchullis, Marketplace Facilitator, C&MA Canada  Limitless sending … Read More

Work As Mission

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Work As Mission on a blue background with illustrated icons.

Does your current work have anything to do with being on mission? Does what you do from nine to five have any relationship to the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth? These questions get at an underlying narrative that still plays in the back of our minds when … Read More