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Read stories about the Caribbean Sun region.

See the international workers biographies in the Caribbean Sun region.

Latin America is a fusion of diverse cultures. Even the food is distinct and full of flavors that often compliments each other, yet sometimes compete for your full attention. That's what it's like here. Politics, Sunsocio-economic classes, races and faith traditions merge, collide, compliment and compete. 

The sun greets a lot of things as it rises to its midday heat here - poverty, unrest, persecution and intensely held belief systems that often hold people in fear and bondage. But amidst that backdrop, C&MA International Workers see hope and freedom emerge in the beautiful people they live their lives with every day.

From the diverse and carefully nurtured church plants in Mexico, to outreach programs amidst millions of searching people in Venezuela, Panama, Jamaica, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Aruba and El Salvador and beyond, C&MA workers are just beginning to tap into the needs amidst the hardest places in Latin America. They see God providing energy, hope and renewal in many corners, yet they are keenly aware of the magnitude of need here.

For more information contact Murray and Michelle Derksen at suncrd@gmail.com


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