Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit: Disrupt Demand

October 22, 2021 | < 1
Kristen Parker

Disrupt the Demand

Approximately 1200 people gathered online for the Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit: Disrupt Demand hosted by Defend Dignity from May 4–7, 2021. The goals were to educate and create awareness of the role of demand in sexual exploitation, and provide opportunities to network and take action as leaders and interested individuals from various sectors.

The Summit focused on the demand side of sexual exploitation because it is often an unaddressed component of sexual exploitation.

Glendyne Gerrard, Director of Defend Dignity said, “The Summit united people from across Canada and around the world to strengthen the movement to address the demand that fuels all forms of sexual exploitation.”

Over 90 survivors registered for the event and most of them attended a special celebration planned by them. Training sessions specifically for law enforcement, the hospitality industry, and the trucking industry were well attended. RCMP officers and hotel owners are now using the recordings from the trainings to equip their staffs. Fifty-two speakers participated and interacted with attendees. WhatsApp groups and connections across borders are now taking place because of the event.

Participants expressed that they felt empowered as they move forward to dismantle the sex industry. Gerrard said, “To God be the glory for going ahead and behind us. We committed our plans to Him, and He brought success.”


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