Called to Proclaim the Gospel

Doug and Denise Cameron, and Lisa RohrickOn Mission Together (OMT)Leave a Comment

Fog lingers over mountains.

We don’t often see much around us that gives us hope. From various news reports flying across our computer screens, to the resistance of our Nigerien friends when they hear the Gospel, we are faced with despair. We mourn the recent death of a Fulani friend who heard the Gospel many times, proclaimed it to be true, but asked, “Can an old man change his religion?”

So many people prayed for him, crying to God for his salvation. We don’t know what he finally decided. We grieve his loss. This isn’t the first time a friend has proclaimed, “Jesus’ story is true,” but did not believe or repent before dying.

We are not called to understand why. We are called to proclaim the Gospel, to reveal God’s glory to this world, to share the living hope we receive through the resurrection of Jesus. This living hope is what inspires us to press on.

Pray for the Fulani people who have not accepted the Gospel as truth.
Call to action: Say a prayer for someone you know who has heard the Gospel but not accepted it as Truth, and then send them a little message saying that you are thinking about them.

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