Bella Smid

My God Story

Bella grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school, but it wasn’t until her early twenties when she discovered that Jesus wanted a personal relationship with her. The following ten years proved to be difficult; however, through it all, God was always there with her, patiently extending grace as she stumbled through life.

In 2010, Bella discovered that modern-day slavery is happening in every country in the world. Impassioned for lost and exploited people, she learned as much as she could about human trafficking and started raising awareness in her community.

In 2011, Bella felt God’s calling to Thailand, but that did not make sense to her because she does not do well in the heat and she had absolutely no desire to visit that part of the world. Bella disregarded this idea, but it kept resurfacing.

In 2013, a keynote speaker at a human trafficking awareness conference graciously sat down with Bella and suggested she go on a vision trip to Thailand and to pray that God would open or close doors. She did exactly that and it was clear that this is where God was calling her.

As a professional administrator, Bella likes her Is dotted and Ts crossed; she is a planner. Moving to Thailand was out of character for her, but a huge leap of faith! It was the first time that she truly and fully surrendered to God’s will and completely trusted Him with everything. There were no connections in Thailand; there was no plan, but what an amazing journey it has been so far!

For the past five years Bella has been doing ministry in Chiang Mai, gaining valuable experience and building relationships.  Bella is currently living in Bangkok studying Thai language. In November 2019, the Lord willing,  she will move to Phuket to work with the FFI team there. 

You can partner with Bella by praying for her and her work. The second best way to support her is by donating to the Global Advance Fund.


The Global Advance Fund covers our support and living expenses. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.



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