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Ecuador flagRich and Elisa BrownCaribbean Sun
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Rich and Elisa Brown

Reaching 300 million youth in Latin America with Christ’s love.

Rich and Elisa were both born to Alliance international workers; Rich was born in Ecuador to Milton and Patricia Brown, and Elisa was born in Argentina to Jack and Jean Shannon. They met in grade twelve but did not date until they attended Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. They married in 1990 and have four children together: Olivia, Mishayla, Josiah, and Alexa.

Rich became a believer at the age of three. He answered God’s call to missions at the U.S. Alliance’s General Council at the age of seventeen.

Elisa was a faithful follower of God growing up. When she was dating Rich in college, she broke up with him because she did not feel called to missions in the way that Rich felt called. One day, God made it clear to Elisa at a conference that she did not choose God, but he chose her to go and bear fruit that will last (John 15:16).

Rich and Elisa served in church and youth ministries in Peru for ten years. Rich was also an executive director of a seminary. When it was decided that the mission had been fulfilled in Peru, they were deployed to Ecuador, where they have served for the past eleven years.

The Browns’ main focus is youth ministry, which is done through Elisa’s band and their organization, Inca Link.

Corban is a missionary band that has held concerts in eighteen South American countries. They are determined to play where no band has ever been; case in point, they once travelled four hours by mule to perform in a town.

Inca Link’s vision is to connect groups from North America with groups in South America, and have them partner in ministry in order to build long-lasting relationships. These ministries include children’s homes, teen pregnancy centres, missions institutes, garbage dump ministry, and day care centres. Inca Link’s four focal points are evangelism and discipleship, training leaders, connecting people, and social work.

The Browns also do evangelism and discipleship through a women’s book club, specialty training, conferences, short-term teams, and internships.

What Rich and Elisa love about being international workers is seeing the impact God makes on people. A challenging factor is watching their children grow up and move back to North America.

To become involved in the Browns’ ministry, you can serve in the following ways:

  1. Participate in a short-term team or an internship; the Browns accommodate family trips, youth groups, and men’s and women’s ministries.
  2. You can give to Inca Link. To financially support the Brown's ministry, please donate to their funds and projects under Caribbean Sun.
  3. You can follow their blog, Terrific Tuesdays, at incalink.org/blog/category/terrific-tuesdays
Updated December 16, 2015