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We desire to break chains of oppression so that people have the opportunity to encounter Christ, live in freedom, and change the world.

Kaura-lea was born in Calgary, AB, and grew up attending First Alliance Church. She vividly remembers when God asked her to fully surrender her life to Him at summer camp after high school. She was initially terrified to do so in case God would call her into missions, but He flooded her with peace in the knowledge that she could trust Him to know what's best for her life and what would bring her the most joy. Since then, life has been an exercise in surrendering her will to His plan and receiving abundant joy in return.

After an internship in Ecuador, Kaura-lea enrolled in the Intercultural Studies program at Ambrose University, where she first learned about the Alliance's global work and also about human trafficking and international community development. When the time came for her overseas OnSight internship, she was open to going anywhere in the world except for Asia, but the only door God opened was with an anti-trafficking organization in Thailand.

Kaura-lea was shocked to feel homesick for Thailand once she returned to Calgary. This began an unexpected, two-year journey, which finally culminated in becoming an international worker with the C&MA Global Ministries Apprenticeship Program (GMAP) under the Justice and Compassion track.

Kaura-lea serves in Phuket, a southern island province in Thailand. She was originally drawn to Thailand both because of its green mountain ranges and its unfortunate history of sexual exploitation, a reality that breaks her heart. After spending eight months in Thailand for her internship, she wanted to return and make her home there out of love for the people, an affinity with the culture, the beauty of the landscapes, a call to serve, and the fact that Thais are an unreached people group so in need of the Good News.

Currently, Kaura-lea is primarily ministering to exploited people in Phuket while also working to build Gospel-influencing relationships with her Buddhist Thai language teachers and neighbours. Twice a week, Kaura-lea and her teammates go into the red-light district to build relationships with people working in the bars.

Her team collaborates on creating ministry documents, foundation paperwork, ESL curriculum, and plans for vocational training centres. Her main roles right now are language learner, intercessor, dreamer, and friend.

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You can partner with Kaura-lea by signing up for her monthly prayer update and by joining her team of financial supporters. GMAPers are self-funded, so donations go towards all of her living and ministry costs. Donation information is below.

How to Give

Select Kaura-lea Dueck from the drop-down menu. The page will refresh. In the second drop-down menu, select “K Dueck GMAP Support” and then fill out your information.

Click "Preauthorized Payment Form" (top-middle of page). Next to "Funds to be used for," check "Other" and specify "Kaura-lea Dueck: GMAP."

Fax or mail to the address listed on the form or scan and email it to donations@cmacan.org

  • By cheque or cash in a marked tithing envelope

Make cheques payable to “The Christian & Missionary Alliance.”

In the memo line of cheques and the “Other: Please Specify” line on C&MA tithing envelopes, indicate “Support of Kaura-lea Dueck: GMAP.”

You can submit a cheque or cash in marked tithing envelope through your local C&MA church offering, or mail the cheque directly to the National Ministry Centre at:

30 Carrier Drive
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Updated March 23, 2017