Bob and Amanda Eldred

Our God Story

We both grew up in Christian homes and were saved at an early age. Our call to missions has really been a leading, taking the opportunities God has presented to us, from exposure to missions earlier in life, trips to Tijuana, and finally the opportunity to serve in Mexico City. A lot of our previous ministry experience has been serving in various capacities in our local church, and we see that continuing in Mexico City, as we serve as Guest House Operators/Building Administrators.

Our Vision

We want to represent God in all our relationships, with those who come to the guest house, with the people we come in contact with in our church community and in the neighborhood. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and disciple people to be a transforming presence among the least reached people.

Current Priorities

We are currently learning Spanish, building relationships, and managing the guest house facilaties while serving the other IWs in reaching the urban professionals and Otomi of Mexico City.

Our Team

Mexico City Team: Victor and Betty Chin, Anne Louie, Heather Hahn and Andrés Cabezas, Rick and Susan Kilbrai, Bear and Vanessa Yarbrough, Ray and Cindy Perry, Rebecca Ross, Chris and Angela Hiebert, Kelly Dyer.

Least-reached People Group (LRPG)

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called the Urban Professionals in Mexico City.  You can learn more about the Urban Professionals of Mexico city by visiting our LRPG page.


Pray that our knowledge of Spanish will grow quickly.

Pray that we will build relationships with the people God puts in our path.

Pray also for our family and friends back in Canada.


The GAF provides important supporting services for us to be on the team. All donations are tax deductible.  Make cheque payable to “C&MA Canada”.



To sign up for our prayer letter please contact us at                    We are so thankful for those who support us through prayer.

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