This Same Jesus

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So often you look at something      without really seeing it   like when           we saw you   & your ten friends                  staring into the sky    Later that day you couldn’t say      without first closing your eyes           if the clouds had been   high                & wispy or thick & glacier white  & we   not thinking of … Read More

Fra Angelico’s Agony in the Garden

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A medieval style painting of two people sitting beside each other. They both have halos, one is praying and one is holding a book

I have stood on the hillside Fra Angelico depicts where the gnarled roots of ancient olive trees still intertwine & grow from the roots of even older trees where twisted trunks & bent branches suggest an endured agony of their own where the weary disciples slept as Christ wept on … Read More

Midrash on the Lord’s Prayer

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The Alliance Connection magazine lays open on a table to the page where a poem is illustrated to look like the page of a Bible.

I  Our Father   simultaneously far & near      my insufficient fear   could never drive me           to dive   deep as Titanic      on the wide Atlantic’s floor             for there’s nowhere to hide or if I tried an astro-Jonah        scooting to some far star             that’s where you’d be especially … Read More

Ministering Angel

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An illustration of a pathway in a desert. Two small figures can be seen beside the path.

A dusty track curves into the wilderness Two walk eventually veering from that road across a land of dry stones one in physical form led by one unseen We hover just beyond his perception waiting & watching as he’s left to walk deeper into desert alone on his slow slow … Read More


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A watch tower silhouette in a night sky

From my high tower first I saw it rise the harbinger portending divine birth a bright horizon star in the night skies announcing heaven coming down to earth Our caravan soon followed trade routes west in search of a grand palace for this king but over a poor town it … Read More