Raise a Hallelujah

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It was a story that caused my heart to immediately feel overwhelmed. Agnes and I sat on the floor at the front of Chilliwack Alliance Church with a small family huddled around us. They had come for prayer. It was a crisis and they were desperate. Wendy, the mom, began … Read More

We Need a Roof Too!

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Flames pierced the sky as the ancient, wooden beams of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris were consumed by a catastrophic fire. For many worldwide, this is perceived as a tragic loss for the Christian faith. For others, the loss is more about history and architecture and less about the relevance … Read More


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A few weeks ago, one of my heroes died. John Wilson was a pioneer missionary to the Yali people in Papua, Indonesia, known then as Dutch New Guinea. In 1961, missionaries Stan Dale and Bruno de Leeuw made first contact with the Yali tribe in the central mountains Papua, Indonesia. … Read More

The List

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My wife Agnes and I have had the honour of ministering to hurting parents whose children are far from Jesus. Agnes has a list of the names of these sons and daughters and prays for them. It is a list of expectation and hope, but it is also a list … Read More

Do It!

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“Just Do It,” the slogan coined by the shoe company Nike, is not just a catchy and memorable phrase. The words also form a compelling call to action: don’t overthink, don’t overanalyze—take a risk and do it!  The Bible is filled with “just do it” moments:    Noah built an ark, just as God commanded him, and God delivered humanity and all the wild animals and livestock in the ark from a catastrophic deluge (Genesis 6-8). Just do … Read More

I Can’t Fix This

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I spoon-fed my mother the other day. It was a strange experience, and, to be honest, it was emotionally difficult for me. It served as a stark reminder that our roles have reversed. The one who cared for me is now being cared for by me. In November, my mom, … Read More

Oil of Oregano at 39,000 Feet

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A few months ago, while returning to Canada from an international trip, my wife, Agnes, and I missed our connecting flight in South Korea, which meant that our trip home would end up being much longer than we had anticipated. Feeling somewhat frustrated, we settled in for the extended journey. … Read More

Dealers in Hope

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The Rohingya1, a Muslim minority group in Myanmar, are experiencing one of the worst atrocities perpetrated on a vulnerable people group in recent history. The government of Myanmar is advancing a cruel strategy of ethnic cleansing. Over 800,000 Rohingya have left their homes and fled to Bangladesh where they are … Read More

When Failure is Success

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It was completely unexpected. During our revival tour of South Wales, we visited a small church in the community of Hanover. The congregation totalled roughly 20 regular attendees and the majority of them were born and raised in Wales. However, amid this community of faith was one family from Korea. … Read More


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Airplane taking off

It all began as an amazing family vacation. All our adult children were able to join us in Phuket, Thailand for seven days of sun, adventure, and, a little bit of ministry. We were enthralled by the beauty of Phuket and challenged by the darkness that was evident in the … Read More