God is Singing Over You

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A field of sunflowers with the sun setting behind it.

Over the summer, Agnes and I began watching The Chosen, a television series on the life of Jesus. The reactions and expressions depicted by the actor playing Jesus are so raw and vulnerable that I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable. This is one of the most vivid portrayals of … Read More


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It was a big decision. Agnes and I had been praying about moving for several months. God had made it clear that, with our girls all having moved out, it is time for us to sell our four-bedroom home and downsize to a compact home more sensible for just the … Read More

The God Who Sees Me

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The news report was matter of fact. BC’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, stated there were two more deaths over the May long weekend. Information like this had become part of the daily routine of reporting deaths caused by COVID-19. What made this report different was that one of … Read More

Frame of Mind

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A recent CTV newscast during which the hosts profiled a teacher who was seeking to help her students deal with COVID-19 really inspired me. The teacher began by describing her desire to share a song she had composed that was intended to express what so many of us are feeling. … Read More

Joy Awaits Behind Bars

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A silhoutte of leaves and a fence.

It felt incredibly strange. I was visiting my mom at the seniors’ home where she lives, but I was not allowed to touch her or even get within 2 metres of her. The kind worker brought her into an open courtyard surrounded by a tall fence made of iron bars. … Read More

Self-Quarantine or Quarantine Self?

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Rolls of toilet paper.

I was recently on a massive conference call with over 2000 Christian leaders across Canada. People shared words of wisdom and revelation providing great inspiration and hope. During this time, one Christian leader stated, “I believe God is calling His church to not just self-quarantine but to quarantine self in … Read More

Final Frontiers

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A Frontier.

This year I turned sixty-one years old. I am very different than I was in my twenties and thirties. I have matured; I am a little more self-aware and I hope a little more kind and gracious. However, I recognize that God is still chipping away at some areas of … Read More

Fast Food Spirituality

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Hot dogs, french fries, and soda.

This past summer I spent a few days with our District Superintendents (DSs) in Quebec. During this time, one of the things I quickly became aware of was the way meals are presented and enjoyed. Food in Quebec is an experience. It is viewed as an opportunity to linger long … Read More

Outstretched Arms

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A man standing with his arms wide open facing a setting sun.

As I write this article, I want to be very sensitive to the reality we are facing in our society. I have a reputation of being a hugger, and it is true. Offering a caring embrace is one of the ways I express my love, value, and affirmation to those … Read More

I Spy

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A collage of different brochures.

The other day I was driving with my youngest grandchild in the car and she invited me to play a game of “I Spy.” The idea is to find something in your immediate surroundings and provide only the colour of the object to the other player. You say, “I spy … Read More