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How wonderful to see the beginnings of a church planting movement amongst a fanatical people group
that has been unresponsive for decades to every effort and attempted influence of Christ’s love. Throughout the Asian Spice region we see God at work in fresh ways.

Encompassing immense diversity, all the major religions, languages, culture and political expressions are found in the grass root rural villages and mega-cities that make up this amazing part of the world. More people live in this part of the world than in the rest of the world, and many suffer from extreme poverty of body and spirit. Spice personnel currently engage in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. We are seeking God’s direction for moving into other neighbouring countries; we listen to His voice and wait expectantly for the Holy Spirit’s direction, and for workers and finances to move forward.

From nomads hidden for centuries from Christ’s love to the expatriates of our international churches, from the poverty of earthquake stricken Nepal to the ultra modern streets of Japan, where thousands commit suicide each year while others search for hope and significance with lingering memories of the mammoth earthquake and tsunami. This region’s needs remain as diverse as the histories between these highly populated countries.

Yet, hope still emerges, gradually replacing pain and fear in countless ways. God is using regular people with extraordinary faith who are willing to serve as international workers across the Spice Region. Their roles have morphed, magnified or changed altogether in the midst of a longing to be radically filled by the Holy Spirit and led to hearts that the Most High has prepared to join His Kingdom. God’s love is being expressed among the least reached as we move into the neighbourhood and are immersed in the lives of people.

For more information contact Mark and Paula at spicecrd@gmail.com


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