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The Canadian Alliance Family is committed to respond with disaster relief assistance for situations caused by both natural and human-made calamities such as earthquakes, floods, droughts and war. The Global Emergency Response Fund is designated for disaster relief for the various stages of immediate relief, rehabilitation, recovery and reconstruction. Our priority for implementing relief programming is to resource and partner with local believers, a national church, when possible, or a local Christian relief agency. The size of specific responses will be determined by availability of resources and the capacity of our Global Ministry team or selected partners to implement the projects.

Hurricane Relief 2017


In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the C&MA continues to work with our experienced and local partners on the ground to evaluate needs and respond quickly with reliefand supplies. These relief effort are made possible because of donationsto the  Global Emergency Response Fund.

An International Worker (IW), located in the Caribbean Sun region, had this to share about the community served by the Caribbean Island Ministries:

"Probably most of the crops were devastated and many homes damaged.  One pastor in told me of 14 homes in his church family that were destroyed completely.  I heard word that in one island in particular it looked like war had broken out, and of roof tiles being pulled off and trees knocked over."

- Caribbean Sun Region IW

Please consider donating today, your donation can make a difference. Thank you.


Read more here: Nepal Earthquake Response

Nepal Earthquake Response - Canadian Government Matching Donations UPDATE 3 June 2015:
The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada received $266,032 for Nepal Earthquake Relief donated by individuals during the period eligible for the Government of Canada’s Nepal Earthquake Relief matching grant program. We have filed our report with Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. The government will contribute a matching amount to their Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

Thank you to all who gave!

UPDATE AS OF MAY 14, 2015:

One of our strategic partnerships is with CAMA Services. We have been in constant dialogue with them since the earthquake, including a conference call on May 14th to determine next steps. This update is posted on their website:

CAMA began its relief response in Nepal by sending a staff person to assess the situation, distribute initial food supplies, and formulate a greater response plan. We are continuing to extend compassion and aid to Nepal through local partners.

CAMA leadership has released an additional $30,000 to Nepal from the CAMA Disaster Relief Fund. Combined with funds from the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in Canada, these monies will be used to send relief to selected villages that have been cut off from other aid as a result of the damage caused to roads by these two earthquakes. CAMA (and C&MA in Canada) are prepared to release additional funds as the project progresses.

This aid from CAMA and C&MA Canada will provide the resources to send tents, clothing, blankets, dry foods, and medicine by helicopter to these isolated villages. A partner from the Alliance World Fellowship (AWF), stationed in Kathmandu, will oversee distribution and logistics. As with other disasters, CAMA is working intentionally with our Alliance family partners.

Please continue to pray for the recovery and restoration of the people of Nepal. A two-slide Nepal Update PowerPoint is available to download here: Nepal Update Slides


We will be participating in the Canadian Government’s matching program where for every dollar donated by individual Canadians up until May 25th the government will set aside one dollar for their Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

A picture of the Nepal Earthquake 2015

As with disasters of this magnitude, we will be supporting immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts. Donations can be sent to the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, designated for:

Nepal Earthquake Relief.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

7560 Airport Road, Unit 10,
Mississauga, ON L4T 4H4

If you prefer to donate online please be sure to select Nepal Earthquake Relief from the dropdown list selection for giving options.

Alliance Churches please note: Only donations collected from individuals are eligible for the government matching program. Money remitted for Nepal Earthquake Relief from a general mission fund is not eligible for the match. Please specify the amount received from individual donations and if applicable, the amount allotted to this project from the church mission fund. Please indicate clearly in separate lines on the remittance form. Thank you!

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