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Alliance Chaplains

What is Chaplaincy?

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They are hands-on when it comes to engaging people in need of comfort, direction, healing, and encouragement. These versatile men and women provide pastoral care in a wide variety of community and government organizations including Healthcare, Corrections Canada, Emergency Services, Canadian Armed Forces, Community & Corporate, Campus and more. Chaplains represent Christ in the midst of everyday life and in extraordinary circumstances.

With over 100 Alliance Chaplains serving across Canada, this vital ministry is helping to strengthen the community and the local church through a partnership called Chaplaincy Link. 

Chaplaincy Links bring the chaplain’s ministry and their local church into a partnership of support and education. In many ways, chaplains are embracing the missional vision of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada in that they are actively engaged in bringing the values of God's Kingdom to the most needed and often neglected parts of society. Whether chaplains are full-time professionals or part-time volunteers, they are connecting with the heart of the community in a way that is redemptive and intentional.

How can your church be involved?

Chaplains help strengthen the community and the local church through a partnership called Chaplaincy Link.  You can partner with an Alliance chaplain by signing a Chaplaincy Link agreement which is available through your District Office or the National Coordinator.

If you would like to explore chaplaincy for your community, contact Don Neufeld.

Why Does it Matter?

Since the majority of people who haven’t yet trusted in Jesus are found outside the walls of our churches, we need to empower people who are theologically and clinically trained to move into spheres of society where they can minister to those in need of hope and pastoral care.

Are you currently serving as a Chaplain? We invite you to subscribe to the Association of Alliance Chaplains newsletter: 

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