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The Refugee Sponsorship Process


We begin by directing sponsoring groups to information and resources during their discernment process as they contemplate how best to welcome newcomers to Canada. 

As active members of the Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association, we have the added benefit of providing you with access to helpful training resources, guidance and supportive networking opportunities. You can confidently rest assured that you will have help throughout the entire process by drawing upon the vast experience of many sponsoring groups in Canada who have a rich and rewarding history of refugee sponsorship. During the first steps period interested persons will:

  • learn about the different types of sponsorships available
  • speak to their church leadership about their interest in refugee sponsorship
  • form a group of 5 people (minimum)
  • submit prescreening forms for any church-referred refugees
  • begin fundraising as needed


When your church leadership agrees to move forward with refugee sponsorship, has formed a committee of 5 (min) people, and is financially ready to embark on a sponsorship undertaking, we can begin the next steps process. During the next steps processing period sponsoring groups will:

  • be matched with refugee(s): PSR, BVOR, or JAS
  • connect with local settlement agencies
  • prepare a detailed settlement and budget plan
  • complete required forms
  • receive required training
  • finalize fundraising as needed
  • receive status updates while awaiting the arrival of their sponsored refugee(s)







Upon arrival in Canada, refugees are considered permanent residents and with the assistance oftheir sponsorship group, they have a lot to do and learn especially during the first week and first month of settlement. During the settlement period, sponsoring groups will:

  • refer to their settlement guide and checklist
  • fulfil their financial and support obligations
  • be in regular contact with the newcomers and provide updates to church leadership
  • submit settlement reports  to the CMA SAH following week 1, and also at the end of month's one, three, six, and nine
  • identify and discuss any challenges with the SAH representative






We look forward to working with you in this educational journey to discover more about refugee sponsorship and, ultimately, working with your group to become sponsors of a family in need.