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Five "S" Map

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is committed to living on mission, wherever we are. We are a group of churches in Canada who send people to live on mission among least-reached people groups, people who may have never heard of Jesus before.

Our founder, A.B. Simpson, has said that the Alliance "stands particularly for the great work of world-wide evangelization." Today, we share Jesus - God's love, healing, salvation, redemption - in every part of the world where people haven't encountered him.

We send people from all six districts across Canada, our Sea to Sea region, to four "S" regions of the world: Caribbean Sun, Desert SandSilk Road and Asian Spice. In every Five "S" region, there are people waiting to encounter the love, hope, health, and life of Jesus. 

Five "S" Regions

To read about the lives of the International Workers who are already serving to least-reached people groups.

Are you interested in living on mission globally?  Discover more about our Global Ministries and opportunities to serve.  Connect with a local church in Canada, or read more about the Five "S" regions of the world.

To send people to live on mission globally, give to the Global Advance Fund, the way that we finance and send people to live overseas.

If you have any questions, let us know. We'd love to hear from you!