3 Ways to Watch the President’s Report

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3 Ways to Watch the President's Report

There are two places to watch the President’s Report. You can either watch it through our public Facebook account (you do not need a Facebook account to do so), or through our website.

The benefit of watching it via Facebook is that you are able to read and interact in the comments! This is a great way to be connected with the community.

Once you have decided which platform you would like to use, you can decide how you would like to watch the President’s Report. Here are three suggestions to make the experience even more impactful:

  1. Invite your small group to watch it together! If you are able to meet together while abiding by government regulations, you can meet at one house, or you can create a group chat and talk on there! Afterwards, take some time to reflect on the event.
  2. Grab a journal and write down anything that sticks out to you during the report. This may be a lyric from a worship song, an impact story, a Bible verse, or even just a word! Before doing this, ask God to speak to you through this event. Allow this time to be a time of refreshing encouragement.
  3. If you’re a pastor, message a few other pastors you know! Ask if they would like to be a part of a group chat. Use this as an opportunity to connect deeper with one another. Taking time to be encouraged, challenged, and to worship together will allow you to have a more hands-on experience with the President’s Report.

With any online event, it can be tempting to put it on in the background and not pay attention. I want to challenge you to intentionally watch the President’s Report. The past five months have been draining for many of us; with so many troubling news headlines it can be exhausting. This good news report may be just what you need.

7 Comments on “3 Ways to Watch the President’s Report”

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    How do you find it on the web sight?
    Also how do you find it on the facebook page. Is is to start in 15 Minutes?

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    Hi Kristen,

    It’s 12:07 in Ontario , I can’t seem to find the Presidents report? has it started yet?

    Thanks Bryan

    1. Avatar

      Hi Bryan!

      We are live! It was down for a few minutes, but you should be able to find it on our home page or on our Facebook page now.

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    Thank you
    Question: will the Presidents Report be posted so that it can be download at a future time, or use pieces of it in our churches or on our webpage?

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