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Opportunities to Give

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Your gift will reaCH PEOPLE WITH GOD'S LOVE!

Giving is a tangible form of worship, a privilege we are blessed with. We allocate our resources through a variety of funds listed below. Each fund has an extensive list of initiatives and points of focus.

Ways to Give: (Scroll down for more info)

♥ Global Advance Fund           ♥ International Workers 
 Canadian Ministries               Causes 
Envision Canada                      ♥ Justice and Compassion     
Emergency Response           ♥ Defend Dignity                         
 Love in Motion                           In Memory or Honour Of   
 Other Ways to Give                 One Donation for Multiple Funds       
 Personal Gifts (Non-Tax Receiptable)

Helpful Resources:

Global Advance Fund

Make a donation to support the global work of The C&MA in Canada

Five S Regional Map

Global Advance Fund Breakdown: 10% National Ministries, 7% Development, 8% Administration, 5% Ambrose & IBVIE, and 70% Global Ministries.

Around the globe Alliance workers are active in everything from building the local church to increasing educational opportunities, from helping people gain access to clean water to advocating for the marginalized. The Global Advance Fund is the primary means of providing for our Alliance workers. Each worker's cost of living in the country where he or she serves comes from this fund. 

International Workers 

International WorkersMake a donation to support international workers overseas. Here you can donate to their work funds, car funds, and outfit funds. 

Not sure what region the worker is in?  You can find them on our Workers List page.

Workers in Latin America (Caribbean Sun)  

Workers in Africa (Desert Sand)  

Workers in Europe (Silk Road)  

Workers in Asia (Asian Spice)  

American Workers  

Unlisted Workers  

One Donation for Multiple Funds  

Canadian Ministries (Sea to Sea) 

Sea to Sea iconMake a donation to support numerous Alliance ministries in Canada: church planting, leadership development, multi-cultural church planting and associations, Ambrose University, District Offices, etc. 

Envision Canada

Envision Canada IconEnvision Canada is a resource within the C&MA that serves as an on-ramp for people to engage in God's mission.  We design intentional opportunities through trips, internships, apprenticeships and global careers that focus on gospel influence among least-reached peoples.

Causes (Approved specials)


Want to know more about causes?  Visit the Causes page and learn more about projects in the Five "S" regions. 


Justice & Compassion 

Alliance Justice and Compassion logoMake a donation to those less fortunate around the world. 

Webpage: Justice and Compassion



Emergency ReSPONSE

emergency-response.fw.pngAround the world C&MA Canada is involved in various emergency response and relief projects. Make a donation to help in one of these areas. The C&MA also has the Global Emergency Response Fund when crises or natural disasters strike, like the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, and the wildfires in Fort McMurray. Your donation to this fund ensures that aid is supplied as quickly as possible to where it is needed. 


Defend Dignity

Defend Dignity logoMake a donation to defend the vulnerable: prostituted women and those at risk deserve our defence.  Defend Dignity is all about the abolition of sexual exploitation in Canada.

Website: defenddignity.ca


Love in Motion

lim.pngMake a donation or support a rider as we raise awareness and funds for projects like poverty, youth violence, family breakdowns, and newcomers to Canada.  You can also get involved with one of the Love in Motion rides happening near you.

Website: loveinmotion.ca


In Memory or Honour Of

In Memory OfMake a donation in memory of someone who passed away. 

Make a donation in honour of someone special.

E-cards now available.


Personal Gifts to International Workers (Non-Tax Receiptable)

personal-gifts.pngWould you like to send one of our International Workers a gift for a special occasion?  We are able to facilitate the sending of non-tax receiptable money to Alliance workers for birthdays, Christmas, and other gifts.


Other Ways to Give 
For more information email donations@cmacan.org

Prayer in Motion logoShare or Security Donation - Speak with your financial advisor about giving this type of donation.  
Leave a Legacy - Speak with a lawyer about leaving a charitable donation in your will. 
Volunteer - Contact your local church or district office and inquire about volunteering.
Pray - Join one of the Prayer in Motion events happening near you!

Thank you for your interest in giving to the C&MA and supporting the work we do around the world.  The work we do would not be possible without the gifts and donations from generous individuals like yourself.  If you have any questions regarding donations or how to give please contact us.  

Please Note: Spending is confined to Board of Director Approved funds, programs, and projects. Each contribution will be used as designated by the donor with the understanding that when that particular fund, program, or project has been fully funded or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Board, contributions so designated will be used where most needed.